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" Heart than engine
" Two conceptions of the universe in human sciences applications
" Tai Chi consists of two science and one of the "big" and "small one"
" On Days with the geocentric theory of human hearts
" Person days on the basic concepts and harmony with God
" Medical puzzles
" A summary of the ancient office and accommodation space folks trick papers
" Human life science research should be the subject of sports and mechanics
" Scientific development is the "matching" style; Western science is the primary science
"Yellow Emperor and the yang theory of evolution Darwin
"Chinese medicine theory and the blood of Shaykh effort Movement

" Yang theory and the universe away and biological growth
" Modern science is the field of science "supporting"
" Needham problems and his metaphysical thinking
" Modern science, "metaphysical" mentality
" Scientific research methods pluralistic

" Doctors and no "炁" life sciences
" Human energy
Pseudo-scientific definition

" Yang theory with the interpretation The double helix structure of DNA
" Body where ideas can and crack
" Chinese medicine and the life sciences, the East
" "炁 = Cell = propellant" The hypothesis
" Zhang and protein

" Chinese medicine and gunpowder
" Life science research, breeding phenomenon kin

" The lack of oxygen and fuel human
" Tai chi under the guidance of Chinese medicine and Western medical science distinction
" Reinstate it in the modern scientific theory and the role and shortcomings
" Why people breathing
" Human body fuel
" Chinese medicine on the smart theory
" Intensive two campaigns direction
" The basic concept of medicine
" So molecular thermodynamic
" Science and systems theory and tai chi
" Human oscillator and the clock
" "Book of Changes" model of the universe discovered
" Natural philosophy
" Comparing the meaning of a Health
" Take medicine 100 wrap around than independence alert
" & the Eight Diagrams and complexity science
" Why people sleep
" Art and science]
" Laugh and stomach relationship
" Gas and carbon dioxide emissions
" History of the "Book of Changes" on the impact of Chinese civilization
" Congenital and acquired the gas of gas
" Yajiankang state with no cause disease

" & the Eight Diagrams And human GAD Figure
" "Book of Changes" and the relationship between high-quality talent
" Heart is not a "heart"
" Human body "carburetor"
" Intensive and extensive cultural cultural
" Stimulants and medicine
" CMP, gas and Molecular biology of DNA
" Congenital and genetic of gas
" Seeds and its role in two
" Longan know Chu cattle auction grass
" Body structure and medical Yi interlinked
I called one of the life cycle of the importance of smoking
" Binary system in the human sciences applications
The implicit systems and implied human organs
"fatigue and energy
"menopause principles
"on the martial arts" training spell "theory

"gas oxidation and cell death,
"molecular biology found qigong 'Dan' micro-state
"On the second issue the Renaissance
"Mechanics health standards
"live key role
"the human body and propellant engine

"School for Sports and Western learning for use
"Chinese medicine and the life sciences to campaign

" Modern Western science slaves scientists
"cell origin

"Eastern and Western science of science Complementary
"linear relationship with the life sciences, logic relations
"Active and passive life sciences life sciences
"Health is a smart, no time is dead, sick time varies
"Scientific Colonialism
"Why do people carry oxygen kits heart
"Western science is the primary science
"Scientific principles of universality and the Eight Diagrams
"Western science and metaphysics
"Scientific development is a" matching "method to" transplant "thinking
"People make pills of immortality and gunpowder
"Life is the endless duration
"Human" tripod stove "and CO2 emissions
"Medicine through levy
"psychological constraints clock time standards
"Heart and core
"Chinese medicine is the treatment of the principles of human clock time adjustment standards
"With Yin Yi Fan Zhang erudite and informed
"Science hegemony
"Scientific and economic relations
"the world trend, we are hours long, with long hours will
"" both for visitors, Sunny bright "and
Needham problems
"Science can be divided into yang
"Chinese Science
"Science fast food and reality
"Oriental countries of the Western scientific agents scientific institutions
"fung shui changing
"imperial thinking of the scientific community

RTKX.COM welcome to visit the website!
Human life science is a hot topic in this century, for a long time, the existence of two of its research bias : First, to the micro-studies ignore macro studies; Second, the emphasis on static study ignored dynamics research. In short, although it may have been seething speculation, but in fact the research is still in its initial stage. Life is movement, movement is the sole criterion for the life sciences. If you want to understand human movement, we must understand the ancient Chinese "Yin nosy," I agree universe framework, the framework is also human, because the human body is a small universe. Modern researchers do not open their studies without "炁" life is static, not real life science because it can not correctly interpret campaign. They could die from research . Only ancient Chinese medicine have seen this fundamental issue. The main web site using modern science and technology and the combination of Chinese medicine theory perspective, the following issues surrounding explore :

· human life sciences research theme campaign.
-- The theory is the basis of human science Yellow Emperor mechanics.
· human structure is the "Book of Changes," describes the Eight Diagrams Figure

· The system is the driving force of human systems.
-- "JingQiShen" and cells, DNA and other relations exploration.
· modern Life sciences Research is the body rather than life.
· two Darwinism.
-- The theory of Chinese medicine and blood into the campaign map theory.
-- life is time, the human body is clocks.
Chinese medical theory is the body clock adjustment time standards
-- The two world views about both science

· Human life sciences research theme campaign Theory from practice, and practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. What is the main practice? Because people are viviparous, have been born after doing overall activities. His main practice is movement. Or fetal course, began campaign, claiming that the "Taidong." Once people do not campaign, that is the end of life. Therefore, the basic practice is a macro movement.
Movement in physics, the study of mechanics. Also according to the characteristics of classical mechanics into mechanics, relativity and quantum mechanics mechanics. Newton law is the basis of classical mechanics, the study of movement speed far less than the speed of light macro object; Mechanics is the study of theory of relativity with the speed of light (30 million 米/秒) compared campaigns; Micro-particle quantum mechanics research campaign. Because, not only in general engineering, cutting-edge science is in some areas (such as rockets, Astronautical, etc.), the objects are observed macroscopic objects, movement speed is less than speed of light. Therefore, the mechanics, the principle is still used to solve classical mechanics. Human movement is a classical mechanics scope of the study.
Modern science and technology, the general two levels : the level of basic science, applied science level. The next level is a level of theoretical guidance, and the next level and to provide a level based on practice. Mechanics is the theoretical foundation of human science and medicine is the application of science level. In fact, modern science has not yet produced in the ancient times, Chinese medicine has used clinical & theory, principles is the doctrine stresses movement and changes of things, is the world's first Mechanics, said Yellow Emperor mechanics. Newton's mechanics and the mechanics are different, the law is written in the unity of opposites.
Yellow Emperor mechanics suitable for life science research. Mechanics research methodology based on modern metaphysical basis of the theory is local, not suitable for human sciences.

· Scientific theory is the basis of human Yellow Emperor Mechanics :
Yellow Emperor mechanics from Yang theory, it is endless universe all the principles of the Movement. Housing unearthed in the Mawangdui Han Tomb in the book "10 Q" opening such a dialogue that, in the Yellow Emperor asked Hell said : "everything is OK and what may? Dr vegetation in the long? Sun Ho in the Ming? "Hell said :" pocket universe feelings, describes as being, and not all of the following missing, and it may win. "phrase to the effect that : natural developments available to the general legal principles change track, all in contravention of the law can not be extended survival & Change, if such laws can have a more prosperous. A section of the "Yellow Emperor's," have the same meaning exposition : "yang, the World Road also, all the discipline, change their parents, and this can kill them, the gods of the government also. "
According to the Yellow Emperor's exposition can sum up Yellow Emperor mechanics law : in the universe, everything is endless because it is the basic structure divided into two or two-and one of their campaign laws are complementary ---- as tai chi, movement in the horizontal coordinates of the two campaigns track each other poor 180 degrees sine wave; In the three-dimensional coordinates of its movement trajectory is the double helix ---- their energy complementary, interdependent, equal size, the opposite direction. Taken every campaign cycle is a new state, so change is unending.
· Body structure is the "Book of Changes," describes the Eight Diagrams plan : "Book of Changes" is the intensive culture of ancient China, which like the IC computer, a small chip stocks & nosy entire universe of basic information.
"Book of Changes," a description of the pattern of the universe, from the following two sentences can be summed up by saying. "functioning" expression : "Yi," a tai chi is the Liang Yi, Liang Yi Health Sixiang, Sixiang Health nosy. " ; I in the "moral of the" 42 Zhang said : "Road and 1, 2 life, and two three, finding things. "aggregate these two formulations can be painted universe probably Patterns : Cosmos A "tree" structure, it A "root" of that tai chi, "1", and its other end to the "world" and "all" model of the universe can be described as the "tip of branch -" intermediate use "divided" us.
Chinese medicine and Western medicine are on the "Book of Changes" at both ends of the universe model. Chinese medicine is one located in Tai Chi, Yang nosy analysis by disease causes a large universe of Chinese medicine believe world, the human body for the small universe, what is known in human small universe of days, that is, "Tai Chi for Liangyi" the Liang Yi. Triratna found people, appeared, three "heart" and "do not want the old, refined Bunao" core secrets, and so on. Western medicine is the model stations and in the universe "things" that one look at the disease and found that the system, organizations, cells, and thousands of human micro-material components, but they do not know the tectonic model way to control.
Modern and contemporary study of the life sciences many people, if they do not understand the basic principles of the "Book of Changes" on the only low down because the Eight Diagrams display describes the overall structure of human life.
20 1980s, the emergence of a world of new scientific doors, called "complexity science", which is on the model of the universe, "all" depends on the universe. In fact, behind the complex simple, the "Book of Changes" three principles : Changing easy, easy, easy. "Easy" is the meaning of that complex systems can Chien.

· Human motivation system : Modern medicine has found human anatomy nine subsystems : respiratory, blood circulatory system, skin system, the skeletal system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, endocrine system and the nervous system. However, these systems are passive systems. Another initiative system, called power system. Movement is life, it is an indisputable fact, he Why campaign? Because of the power system to support him. Power system is an implicit system, so far it is not yet known. Power system is the modern scientific concepts. 17 century, the British Watt, the steam blow and move seen stoves Sheung Shui top phenomenon, and invented the steam engine, bringing the first industrial revolution, and later invented internal combustion engine, generators, etc. Indeed, the first discovered the power system is Chinese medicine, at least more than 3,000 years ago, Chinese people know there are three major Po : crack, gas, God; Also qigong-tzu, that heart, that the practice of interest method, the "Yellow Emperor's" luck theory, these are human dynamics description. Human also engine, fuel ------ "oil."
· "JingQiShen" and cells, DNA and other relations exploration : After studying evidence : Today, the cells have been found, nucleic acid, DNA is found in Chinese medicine for thousands of years before the body completely downstream products, as it were intimate gas and the chemical composition of the ingredients are identical. Chinese medicine is different is the body found momentum, and molecular biology is the genetic code found.
· Modern life science research is the body rather than life Life is machine, it needs a movement of energy, as the petrol cars. Chinese medicine discovered the body of energy, and modern life sciences have not found it will examine only dead objects, it will not study the life movement.
· Two Darwinism : In the development history of science there have been two Darwinism, and the other is the Yellow Emperor "Yang theory"; Another is Darwin's "natural selection theory."
Housing unearthed in the Mawangdui Han Tomb in the book "10 Q" opening such a dialogue that, in the Yellow Emperor asked Hell said : "everything is OK and what may? Dr vegetation in the long? Sun Ho in the Ming? "Hell said :" pocket universe feelings, describes as being, and not all of the following missing, and it may win. "phrase to the effect that : natural developments available to the general legal principles change track, all in contravention of the law can not be extended survival & Change, if such laws can have a more prosperous. Many of the principles of information theory, Fuxi's Tai Chi is the first map of Yin and Yang fish fish.
Darwin's theory in his "historically" a book detailing.
Lenin had both Darwinism concluding observations, he said : "For development (
Evolution ) held two basic (or two possible? In common history or two? ) perspective are : (1) That development is the reduction and the increase is duplication; (b) that development is the unified opposition (unified object consists of two mutually exclusive opposition, and two opposing also interrelated author). "( Mao Zedong. Selected Works of Mao Zedong (1). Beijing : People's Publishing House, 1991.300) [2006-01-12]
· The theory of Chinese medicine and blood into the campaign map theory.
Chinese medicine "blood theory" that the blood is driven by gas, "gas to the Korean blood, blood gas for the home, pushing blood gas line, gas away with the blood. "bullied again," oil "produce, saying" old oil dry "is the matter. Its principles and the modern internal combustion engine line.
Modern people think blood from the heart to. There are views from interested booty role "into movement theory," a book, it is a British physiologist William Havel in 1628 published papers. Its perspective fundamentally on the minds of the people to overthrow the rule of the Millennium Campaign on heart and blood operations classic ideas of all kinds, as many people with Gailun view that the heart of the purpose of Bo moving and breathing, the blood is that the ventilation heat release. And the map were of the view that the cycle is the movement of blood, a heart throb is to promote sustained rhythm in his circle of blood flow source of inspiration. He wrote to King Charles's message of "animals their lives is the heart of the fundamental, is the intimate master of everything, the sun is their small universe, all grown dependent on the heart, strength comes from the heart. "It now appears that the views of certain precursor correctness, but it puts the human heart as a source of motivation that is wrong, Heart is a "pump" as modern pumps or fuel pumps, it also depends on the movement of "gas" to which "gas" from the body's "oil" or "call." [2006-01-19]
-- life is time, the human body is clocks.
What is life? Life is the concept of time
--- by definition --- life "and" representative must constantly create new things; "life" on behalf of life, namely time, integrated, life is the endless duration . Modern clocks used to measure time, which are presented in two ways : mechanical and electronic, is the basic principles of the cycle as a cyclical movement objects time standards. Mechanical table with the "before" electronic scale was used crystal oscillator. Human also apparent, and it describes the theory is theory, because the clock movement with the rotation cycle on the Earth around the Sun, of course, he has his own oscillator. [2006-02-09]
· Chinese medical theory is the body clock adjustment time standards
Chinese medicine is based on the theory of Yin doctrine, "Su . Angry yard Theory ": " Health of the present, in the yin. " " Yin Pingyang Peru, and the spirit is in, from the principles must, refined gas is absolutely " . Yang representing the human life cycle campaign is a negative and a half weeks and a half weeks, both equal, cycle before stability was accurate clock Under normal circumstances, Yang is in a state of relative equilibrium. Only in this way can we maintain normal life movement. Otherwise, the body is sick.
Doctors theory that disease is caused by bacteria and viruses, bacteria and virus eradication is the treatment of diseases, such theories and Chinese medicine are different and should not be treated as the same.
-- The two world views about both science :
Start with the basic concepts of science. Comrade Mao Zedong said : "Only two of the world's knowledge, a course called production struggle knowledge, a course called class struggle knowledge. Natural Science Social science knowledge is the crystallization of two, is on the philosophy of natural knowledge and social knowledge and the broad conclusion. "[Mao Zedong. Rectifying the party's work style (this volume). People's Publishing House, 1964,773] Therefore, it can be said that science is based philosophy , There are two types of philosophy in the world outlook, the scientific and divided into two categories. During the establishment of modern science is the basis of school . Another type of science, it built on the basis of the laws of the unity of opposites, that Chinese science . Beijing opera "empty trap", a sentence of Zhuge Liang in the city gate tower libretto : "With Yin Yi Fan Zhang erudite and informed," is the core of Chinese science. Chinese science is disaggregated, the overall scientific, but theory that describes all science departments have always run. [2006-06-01]
(published date : 2002-05-21)
(Laws Date : 2006-07-20)

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