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  The meaning of life is the movement.The somatic movement is the movement of macroscopical body,its speed is least than velocity of light(30 ten thousand KM/s). The research area is a part of ancient mechanics.It based on Newton's Law of mechanics.
    Newton(1643-1727) sumed up three law of movement which based on harvest of grand old man:
First law:A particle keeps at rest or does movement of straight line with even speed while doesn
't accept any force.
second law:When the particle accepts force,it produced acceleration.The acceleration is direct ratio with the force and inverse ratio with mass of the particle.
Third law:The interactional force between two objects(action force and inverse effect force) exist at the same time.The number is equal.its action line is sameness,but the direction is the inverse.
's mechanics applied for a long time in the life science.”The history which the mechanics applied in research of life science may trace back to Jaliluo,Newton and hawei.At 30 age of the century A.V.Hill researches into life phenomena on form and apparatus via mechanics to combine with physiology and anatomy,ect,it point out that gravity,overweight and weightlessness all effect cell,form,apparatus.The boffin Bei Shizhang of China thinks:the system of biology haves different arrangement----molecule,molecule congeries,sub-cell and cell-organise,ect,the initial structure of the arrangement decides order's action of the force to be produced by inner of molecule and among molecule.[1]     
    There are theories of two kinds in philosophy which can explain matter to move.Lenin said:”Twain basic(or twain possible?or on history twain familiar?) points of view for development(evolution) are
(one) considered the development that is decrease,increase and repeat,(two) considered the development that is opposite unification(unitive thing was divided into two opposes for each other repellent,moreover two opposes were associated each other also).”[2]
    First theory called metaphysics,second one called dialectic that is the law of oppose and unification.Newton's mechanics based on metaphysics,look at local phenomena of matter.In the area the mechanics is morse than Yin-Yang theory from the Internal Canon of the Yellow Emperor. Modern philosophy considered the law of oppose and unification is a basic canon in universe.The Yin-Yang theory,ancient law of oppose and unification,was applied by the Yellow Emperor for medicine.He writed out famous <the Internal Canon of The Yellow Emperor>.Because he observed rightly nature,his theory is canonized by modern man. 
    In the first place, <the Internal Canon of the Yellow Emperor> was guidanced by tne Yin-Yang theory.<Su-Wen
·Yin-Yang-Ying-Xiang-Da-Lun > said : ” Theory of Yin-Yang is the principle in universe,the creed of everything on earth,too parent of change,basic begin of grow and killgovemment office of gods.”The issue explained everything in universe to cover two side of mutual oppose and also mutual unite.It consists in everything and impenetrats wholeness course at all the time,of course,also is the same with human body.“The big discuss” yet said : “the Yin of inner is defender of the Yang,the Yang of outer is sender of the Yin.”The defender” is to defend inner,”"the sender” is to do outer.This is very good account for mutual dependence of Yin-Yang.It can know to combine with  physiological function of man,yin points matter,yang points the function.The matter houses in man,the function behaves out of man.The Yang to behave out of human is apparent of inner matter,so hat the Yang is “sender of the Yin”.The Yin inside human is the base of matter to produce function,therefore the Yin is “defender of the Yin”.
The Yin-Yang each other opposes and also each other depends on ,always locates in movement and change with “the Yang to decrease and the Yin to increase” or “the Yin to decrease and the Yang to increase”. For instance,The various functions to be produced must consume some matter(Yin),that is cource of “the Yin to decrease and theYand to increase”.The metabolism of each matter (Yin) must also consume some energy(Yang),this is the cource of “the Yang to decrease and the Yin to increase”.At order,”the Yin-Yang to increase and to drcrease” locate the state of comparative balance.No other than this,it can hold out nature life,otherwise,The human is too the state of ill. 

    The Yin-Yang change is idea of movement at the modern times,this is somatic mechanics at modern times.It also called the Mechanics of the Yellow Emperor.Follow Newton law,we also may sum up the Mechanics Law of the Yellow Emperor : The everything on earth in universe can grow,because its structure is that one divides into two or two addes up to one and Its movement is mutualism----as the movement of the Diagram of the Supreme Ulpremate,both movement track is sine wave of mutual difference 180 degree in place coordinate and both screws in solid coordinate----One is moving under force that consumes energy,Other hand produces energy in phase.These are twain work states that is supplemet each other, and both process alternately.When  energy to consumed is equal to energy to produced in phase for the movement,the movement called natural movement,otherwise called abnormality.Its cycle of movement is a new state,and so it endlessly changes.

This is the mechanics law to descrine macroscopical movement.

[1]Zhong Weigang.Yu fuhua,physics and life sience to associate with the century.Journal of nature,1999;1:44
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's florilegium(first volume).BeiJing:people's publishing company,1991.300

published date:2005-09-29




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