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   The somatic life science is a popular subject of talk in the century. Since long term its research exist two deviations:One is that attachs importance to microcosmic research and overlooks macroscopic reseach,Two is that is attachs importance to static reseach and overlooks moving reseach. Actually its reseach keeps to primary level although it is a popular subject of talk.The  meaning of life is movement.The movement is only standard to test the life science.If you want understand somatic movement and must know the Yin-Yang Eight Trigrams Map of age-old.It is the cosmos frame model and also is the frame model of body of man,Because the body of man is small universe.The modern reseacher is keeping in Chaos for somatic science.They reseach the life Which have not  “breath” That is static state and is not true life science,because it can not explain correct the movement.They only research into the dead body.There is only traditional Chinese medical science Which can understand the basic problem and a few thousand years ago it reached a high success that was not achieved by modern man.The website chief discusses following problem with a point of view which modern teqnology is combined with traditional Chinese medical science.  . .    
A subject of somatic science is movement
Basic theory of somatic science is the mechanics of the Yellow Emperor
The somatic structure is the Yin-Yang Eight Tringrams of I Ching  
Main system of human body is motive power system
Probe relation of JingQiShen and a cell or DNA
modern science of life can only research into dead body which is not the life

increase and second birth for science

A subject of somatic science is movement
A byword of china in age-old:”chosen skilful write doesn't know a book;looked into filial piety and cheap doesn't live with father;poor and cleanly is chaotic like mud; A fine general is cowardy like chicken.”The phenomena that doesn't accorndes with practice existes also in sdudy of somatic science.Above all boffin doesn't understand what is somatic fundamental practice.Theory root in practice.The practice is only the.standard of check up true.What is somatic fundamental practice?Its mostly practice is movement.Man is zoogony. After birth it straight does whole movement.As he is fetus and begin movement that call quickening.  Movement of man once stopes,His life closed.Therefore fundamendal practice of man could be macroscopical movement.
    The movement is mechanics to reseach subject in physics.The mechanics haves vintage mechanics and relativity mechanics and quantum mechamics.The vintage mechanics bases on Newton law which is macroscopical object movement.Its speed of the movement is lessest than velocity of light.The relativism mechanics reseaches to the movement which is parallel with velocity of light(300000KM/second).Quantum mechanics reseaches to microcospic paticle movement.Because not only in commonly engneering,but also in some top end science,they all look on macroscopical object.The movement is less than velocity of light and respect mechanics is explained by vintage mechanics.Theory of somatic movement is also the vintage mechanics.
    Modern technology mommonly dispartes two arrangements:basic science and appliance science.Previous arrangement is theory direction of next one and next one provides practice thereunder for the previous one.Mechanics is somatic basic theory.Moreover the medicine is appfication science.In nature ,in ancient times modern science didn
't produce and chinese doctor used yin-yang theory at clinic.Yin and yang theory tell me about law of movement and change.It is pioneer mechanics in the world that called HuangDi mechanics.The mechanics differes with Newton one.It used law of oppose and unite.
    HuangDi mechanics is fit for life science.Modern times mechanics bases on metaphysics and is local theory,It doesn
't fit for life science.
 Basic theory of somatic science is the mechanics of the Yellow Emperor
The mechanics of the Yellow Emperor roots in Yin and Yang theory.It is movement principle of everything on earth in universe.There are a section dialogue in first piece of sexual intercourse book <ten askings> which unearthed Han tomb at Mawang caboodle.The Yellow Emperor askes Heaven teacher :”Can everything how exist? Can plants and trees how birth and grow?Can Sun and Moon how bright?” Heaven teacher said:”you look into change of heaven and earth,yin and yang becomes correctitude.The everything on earth can not continue when it was missed and world to obtain it can win ”The section of talk is going to explain:The develop and change in nature may gather up with change law of yin and yang.The everything on eartn can not exist when it breaches the law.They may success If it holded the law.There is also a section same discuss in <the Internal Canon of the Yellow Emperor>:” Theory of Yin-Yang is the principle in universe,the creed of everything on earth,too parent of change,basic begin of grow and kill govemment office of gods.”
    The mechanics of the Yellow Emperor law bases on his respect treet:The everything on earth in universe can grow,because its structure is that one divides into two or two addes up to one and Its movement is mutualism----as the movement of the Diagram of the Supreme Ulpremate,both movement track is sine wave of mutual difference 180 degree in place coordinate and both screws in solid coordinate----One is moving under force that consumes energy,Other hand produces energy in phase.These are twain work states that is supplemet each other, and both process alternately.When  energy to consumed is equal to energy to produced in phase for the movement,the movement called natural movement,otherwise called abnormality.Its cycle of movement is a new state,and so it changes endlessly.

The somatic structure is the Yin-Yang Eight Tringrams of I Ching

I Chingis Chinese archaian culture of collect.It look as if IC in computer,
it deposited whole universe information with small CMOS chip.<Xi Ci> said:”<Yi>  have the Supreme Ultimate,The Supreme Ultimate gives birth to twain presents,twain presents gives birth four shape,four shape gives the Eight Diagrams.Laozi said in 42 chapters of <Moral Text>:”Dao gives birt to one,one gives birth to two,two gives birth to three,three gives birth to everythings on earth.”Sum up so two theories,we may describe mainly mode of universe. The universe mode is the frame of tree,It have a “root”that is the Supreme Ultimate,and also is “one”. The tother end is “everythings on earth”,the everythings on earth may call “top” of the mode,between them can link with “one divides into two”.
    Eastern medicine and western medicine look at the problem which locates two ends of mode
of universe.The eastern medicine locates an end of the supreme Ultimate.It explains the ill with the Eight Diagram.Chineae doctor considers that heaven and earth is big universe,the body of man is small universe.A doctor distinguished who is heaven and earth in microcosm of man,that is also twain presents.Chinese doctor discovered: man have tree treasures,tree hearts,”want no old and  fills brain with to return extract” ,ect.The western medicine looks at ill with other end of everythings on earth in universe mode.It discovered hominine system,form,cell and hominine microcosmic matter of thousands upon thousands
.But western doctor doesn't know somatic frame mode,disorderly and unsystematic beyond control.
    It is a good many that reseaches to life science in modern times and near times.If they don
't understand the fundamental theory of <I Ching>,they can but hover on low level,because the Eight Diagrams set out collectivity structure of somatic life.     
    The new science appeared at 80 age in 20 century that called complexity science.It lookes at universe to stand the end of everthings on earth which is an end of universe mode.In nature,complicated backside is simpleness.<I Ching> has tree principle
to change Yi,to don't chande Yi,simple Yi,”simple Yi ”meanings are that complicated system may turn to simple one. 
●Main system of human body is motive power system
    The somatic body has nine subsystems which finded by anatomy in modern medicine:they are breath system,blood circle system,cutis system, bones system, digesteve system,sport system,procreate system,internal secretion system and nerve system.Nevertheless,these systems are all passive systems,and it has also a active system who called to power system.Life consists in movement,it is the fact which didn't contended.Why can it move ? Because threre is the power system which hold out him.The power system is connotative one,today people doesn't know it.The power system is idea of modern times science. Watt,Britisher,invented steam engine at 17century when he seted eyes on that the cover of water jug was moved by steam blowed.Steam engine brings the industrial revolution for the first time.Last scientist invents again the gas engine,the electrical machine ,etc.In nature, Chinese doctor finded first power system.At least,there are 3000years ago,chinese doctor knew already what man has three treasures:QingQiShen,there is too the way of to practise one's skill with moved appearance,moved heart,moved breach.There is the cess theory in <HuangDi internal medicine>.These are description of person power.There is a engine on man,fual----oil.      
Probe relation of JingQiShen and a cell or DNA
The investigation proved :Cell,nucleic acid and DNA is products of lower reaches of a river of JingQiShen which was discovered by Chinese doctor at a few thousand years ago,because its chemistey element accords with the element of somatic internal breath.The different one is that Chinese doctor discovered somatic power,moreover molecule biology discovered transmit passward.
modern science of life can only research into dead body which is not the life
The life is the machine.Its movement requires a energy,as automotive gas.Chinese medicine discoveres a energy of life,modern science of life doesn't discover that.they can only reseach into the dead which can not move.
increase and second birth for science
    There are a law on the inaugurate and rebirth of science.It is sameness with biologic one.The earthborn reproduce required male and woman,The botanic crosss required male parent and female parent.The development of science is same,New science produced when have both sciences of the mutual benefit.The east science and west one is natural twain.But there is a swim in the world.They admit only the west science and don
't admit the east one .An article of denied east science appeared frequently at web,For instance,”the contravened theory which east thought save modern times science”,”how many times the east civilized red flag holds ?”,ect.The thinking mode of homoerotism baffled badly the development of science.The east science and the west one should have same station in all field of education and scientific research,etc.it is half scientist that understand only west science and don't understand east science.The modern times science is “helf heaven” in the field of science.Chinese politicians have big brightness,They can produce new theory via east theory combined with west one.However,the many scienlists are tied by dogmatism in the world,they can't develop new theory via inhomogeneous science unite.They condole all a tree at modern times science.Now,international admit political many-sided at large.No other than,The field of science isolates oneself.They holded also centralize thinking mode.  

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