Disease is due to lack of human motivation

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory holds that increase the body's power to can cure various diseases because it can increase the body's immunity. it is the overall treatment.

1 The body's power system
Man are a machine. He can exercise because he has power system. Modern life science researchers can only study the microscopic life : the system, tissues, cells and DNA,etc. their object of study is the dead body because They did not find the body's power system.They do not study the main functions of life.Modern medicine is a static theory of life, it does not meet the real life.When the body that there is power can survive, when no power will die and when less power is sick. This theory and the theory of modern technology should be the same.

2 The body's Power is made of oil and oxygen
Doctors often give the patient oxygen and some patients also back an oxygen bag. it can increase body's power.The body's power and car´s engine power is similar.Gasoline in car engines and air are mixed. It became a mixture of oil and air.When It was the ignition, It turn into carbon dioxide and promote Motor Sports. Similarly, the human body absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide at moments, which is the body in the production of power.

3 The body's vital capacity and car exhaust should be the indicator its own power 
Automobile exhaust is the display of its power. it has 2.0 and 3.0, etc.in order to increase the engine power, the displacement must be increased. The human displacement is proportional to lung capacity,To Increase the body's vital capacity can increase the body's power. Lung capacity is an important indicator of life. "Recently, some of Boston University School of Medicine scientists, after more than 30 years of research, and more than 5200 medical examination every two years to do a show, 'lung capacity' of the long-term and short-term mortality can be the report, which can measure how many years an old man's life. "[Tian Qing:WushuJianShen, Beijing: New Sports Magazine1992; 3, p. 61 ]. 

4 To increase the body's oil can cure various diseases
The body's power is made of oil and oxygen. Oxygen from the air intake. Oil must be the body's own manufacturing. Cause of human disease should be less than its own oil.

    It needs a long period of study.


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